Hi. I’m Anna Roth, a Holistic Psychologist and Registered Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about the integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit in mental health treatment. Working holistically is the foundation of my practice as I attempt to look at all sides of a problem and strategically intervene at as many points as possible as gently as possible.

Most talk therapy intervenes from the "neck up"-focusing on thoughts, insight, and awareness. This is an important but often insufficient way to bring about deep healing and lasting change for the whole person.

For this reason I also intervene from the “neck down" and bring the wisdom, truth and felt-sense of the body into therapy. While I am trained and skilled in traditional talk therapy, I specialize in body-incorporating therapeutic interventions such as EMDR and Internal Family Systems, amongst others. I am continuously amazed, inspired, and energized by the results this approach brings.

Please reach out and contact me with questions or if you are interested in working together. I would love to hear from you!