Current Workshop

The Essential 6: Skills For Self

Saturday March 23: 9-4pm

Saturday May 11: 9-4pm

This workshop will feature the 6 most essential skills Dr. Roth has found herself teaching over and over again in thousands of hours of therapy with her clients. These skills are potent, relevant, and they work--whether your struggle is internal (low self-esteem, poor self-care, harsh inner critic) or external (difficult job, can't say no to others, no work/life balance). The skills covered will be:

  • Self Knowing- Learn to identify what you feel, want, and need.

  • Self Talk- Get to know your inner critic and work with it not against it and change your self talk.

  • Self-Compassion- No more harshness, here we learn to respond to ourselves in a new way.

  • Self-Acceptance- What we resist persists, Radical Acceptance is the skill here and has many applications. 

  • Self-Expression- Assertiveness, Set Boundaries, How to Say No, and USE YOUR VOICE!

  • Self-Leadership- How to show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. 

As a bonus for those interested, I am offering a free restorative yoga class before each workshop (8-9 or 12-1 for the 2-part series) to set the tone for the day and get us in the right mind and heart-space to grow and learn. This is totally optional. Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns at

The group is well worth the risk—the risk of showing up, being vulnerable, looking inside yourself, and connecting with others. As a result of this group I am more aware and accepting of who I am, an delighted by my growing capacity for living a conscious life with a focus on self care and compassion. Anna Roth creates a safe space for exploration and dialogue, with lots of support and room for humor. This has been a very life giving experience that I highly recommend to others.”
— Past Attendee