Groups & Workshops: 

Tight on funds and time? I also offer a wide range of ongoing workshops, groups and classes focusing on the areas many of us struggle with most. These workshops contain the skills, teachings and information my individual therapy clients find most helpful with the added benefits a supportive community, a lower price, and often some yoga:)  

I offer a Mindfulness & Self Compassion Group for women several times a year. The next series will begin March 2019. Contact me via email at drannaroth@gmail.com or via this website if you are interested or would like to register.

Past Group Members Say:

"The Mindfulness & Self Compassion group is well worth the risk--the risk of showing up, being vulnerable, looking inside yourself, and connecting with others. As a result of this group I am more aware and accepting of who I am, an delighted by my growing capacity for living a conscious life with a focus on self care and compassion. Anna Roth creates a safe space for exploration and dialogue, with lots of support and room for humor. This has been a very life giving experience that I highly recommend to others."

"Signing up for the Mindfulness & Self Compassion group with Dr. Roth felt like a leap of faith. I didn’t really know what mindfulness was outside of meditation and “being present” and self-compassion was just a way to say it’s ok to not be perfect. The group experience was new for me as well. After almost 3 months in the bi-weekly program I feel a greater sense of self, of who I am and how I can better take care of myself. Mindfulness and self compassion, self-care, is a process. It is messy and full of laughter. It doesn’t always feel right or particularly successful. The support I received from my group has helped me work through this process, get comfortable with the discomfort and celebrate the changes.  I would recommend this workshop for any woman ready for change and support in claiming her self."