BOTH/AND. Two little words—life changing potential.

We live in an either or society. Either we are crazy or we are sane. Slutty or prude. A mess or put together. Skinny or fat. Smart or dumb. Gay or straight. A bitch or a sweetheart. One extreme side of the spectrum or the other with so little grace in between we walk on tight ropes not to tip the unforgiving black and white scales.

The thing is we are huge complex multifaceted beings with so.many.dimensions. This means that we ARE/FEEL/EXPERIENCE/HOLD SO MANY THINGS ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Our inner and outer lives are not binary. They are a beautiful colorful gooey jumbly mix and we get to allow ourselves to have all of it. Not being defined by one feeling or action or preference in one moment in time but by the sum of our parts, all of the magnitudes we contain that comprise our essence and total presence in the world.

When we embrace both/and in ourselves and in others...when we can hold the tension of opposites, there is so much permission that opens. So much free space. Some examples being, I get to both consider the needs of the other person and myself. I can consider myself both sensitive/emotional and highly competent at my job. I get to be both feminine in some aspects and masculine in others. I can both love this person and outgrow the connection and set boundaries, etc. The applications are limitless.

Try this on whenever you hear a rule, a limiting belief, a can’t or shouldn’t for yourself, someone else, or for your life. You get to be all the things at once. BOTH/AND👏🏻BOTH/AND👏🏻BOTH/AND👏🏻

Anna Roth