Personal Coaching

Coaching is likely for you if you are craving accountability, strategies, support and encouragement to get where you want to go. In coaching, my clients commit to 1-3-6 or 12 month package and more often than not these sessions take place virtually via video. Below are my areas of coaching expertise and some examples of what prompts people to begin coaching with me:

  • I need an expert grief coach to help me move forward with my life after loss.

  • I want to elevate my career or make a job change but I feel stuck and afraid to make the leap.

  • I have these huge dreams but I’m afraid to make moves.

  • I am starting a private therapy practice and I am having a hard time promoting myself and my business.

  • I have a complex health picture and need integrative mental health coaching to help keep me on track.

  • I need coaching to recover from my narcissistic or sociopathic parent or ex partner.

Group Coaching

I also offer group coaching virtually. This is essentially a hybrid of a on-line workshop/webinar/group therapy experience in which I present or teach on a topic and those in attendance get to interact, ask questions, and share just as they would if we were in person. This experience is actually really cool and surprisingly connecting as it provides an element of group support and universality-that even if we are in different places across the world or country- we are in this together. This format also allows me to provide helpful content, support and accessibility to working with me at a lower rate.