Initial consultation

Let’s start. This is the first step to working with me. In this 1.5 hour appointment I will get the full lay of the land and interview you thoroughly about your history, concerns and goals. I will make a tailored recommendation regarding what approach I believe will address your concerns most quickly, effectively and sustainably as well as how often you need to attend for how long. You will walk away with a holistic plan to guide you both inside and outside of your work with me. Payment is required at booking to reserve.

1 Hour therapy or coaching session

This is the standard service type session with me. Whether you are a therapy or coaching client, once you are an established client of mine you are able to schedule this type of service with me yourself in the client portal. These sessions are 50 minutes and held either in person or virtually. Longer intensive appointments (1.5-2 hours) available upon request.

In Person or virtual (video) sessions available

  • Minnesota residents can opt to work with me in person or via video for therapy or coaching services.

  • Non-MN residents are only able to work with me in a coaching capacity via video. I’m not able to practice therapy due to state licensure laws.

  • All video sessions are conducted via my HIPAA compliant practice system Simple Practice. You can meet with me from your phone, ipad or computer from the convenience of your home. No commute. Squeeze in support while the kids nap or while traveling for business. This makes it easy for me to come to you. Also, the way I work involves a lot of visualization so I find video sessions to be just as effective as in person.

  • When scheduling:

    • In person sessions select “Dr Anna’s In Person Office

    • Video sessions select “Dr. Anna’s Virtual Office


So How do I get started?

  1. Get to know me and my approach. Finding a guide is tough and time intensive. I get it. But putting in the work to find the right fit is beyond worth it and an investment you will see returns on for the rest of your life. Take time to review my website, Instagram and testimonials to get a sense for my style, answer any questions you have about my practice, and to inform whether you want to give working with me a try. I’ve done my best to include extensive information on this website and provide lots of content on my professional Instagram account @drannaroth (video included) to aide you in your decision as I have very limited availability consult individually outside of the initial consultation. Like I tell all of my clients though, when it comes to this decision like so many others-go with your gut.

  2. Research insurance & finances ahead of time. Financial and time constraints are real. Sometimes we really really want to do personal development work but the time just isn’t right. Or we just don’t have the funds for it. If you are a MN resident interested in using insurance for work with me read the insurance section below. I encourage people to investigate this prior to scheduling so they know what potential reimbursement (if any) they are looking at and can budget accordingly. If you are a potential coaching client, see the fees section below and know that the typical commitment is 3-6 months. There is often never an ideal time to do this work, and often put ourselves last. If that’s the case take the leap and carve out the time. But if you know you can’t swing it I don’t recommend starting the process until you can more confidently move forward.

  3. Do an honest self-assessment about your readiness to commit to the work. Now that finances and insurance are out of the way. Let’s talk commitment. Most mental health systems require clinicians to see a high volume of clients which I believe often results in subpar treatment from burned out healers. I opt to see fewer clients so that I can give my all and provide truly exceptional care. Because of the deep investment that I make in my healing relationships, I see a fewer number of clients, am selective in who I take on and expect an equal investment on the part of my clients. I only work with individuals who have done their research about what they can commit to in time and resources and who are ready to do what it takes to transform. If you feel a deep sense of I’m ready and willing to do what it takes, I can’t wait to partner with you. If you have done your research around insurance and fees, feel you are ready, and still would like to talk with me for peace of mind prior to the initial consultation, I’m happy to find time for a 15 minute phone call after you schedule the initial consultation upon request.

  4. Schedule the initial consultation. Often times half the battle is figuring out where to start and the right strategy needed to bring about the transformation, healing and results we desire. We can’t see the forest for the trees. An expert whole person evaluation can save you a tremendous amount of wasted time and energy spinning your wheels. I thrive at integrative evaluation after being rigorously educated via some of the best training available in Western and Eastern healing modalities. I quickly identify what areas of focus are needed for greatest relief and impact make a plan to come at your concerns from every angle. At the end of this consultation I will make a recommendation for either therapy or coaching as well as the frequency and duration most likely to bring the results you desire. Payment is required at the time of booking to reserve this time in advance and a weeks cancellation notice is required. Please feel free to reach out to me if you can’t find an appointment time that works, I can often shift things or accommodate you based on last minute schedule changes.

  5. Let’s get to work. Onboard as a therapy or coaching client. Depending on the recommendation, we will discuss your commitment, schedule a 3-6 month plan, and get to work.


Therapy & Coaching Fees:

Initial Consultation: $325

One Hour Session: $210

Therapy clients should note that I am out-of-network provider with insurance companies. Most of my clients elect to submit for out-of-network insurance reimbursement with a Superbill I provide each month and on average receive $135-160 back per session for the standard therapy hour and $200 for the initial consultation, though this can vary. Whether or not you are reimbursed and the amount you are reimbursed for depends upon your plan. I suggest investigating this prior to scheduling with me. To find out more, when you call your insurance company ask what they reimburse for the following CPT billing codes: 90791 (initial appointment) and 90837 (hour session) to gauge what you’re out of pocket investment will be. HSA and FSA cards can be used for payment as well. Coaching services are not reimbursable by insurance and thus are a cash service.