Truth Tellers: Online

Truth Tellers: Online

15.00 every month

Calling all truth tellers. Authenticity seekers. Deep divers. I see you. You are committed to a truthful, authentic and unapologetic life. You desire connection with other women in pursuit of the same. You want to talk about what's really going on—you're sick of pretending. You feel isolated and lonely more often than you'd like, especially during the darker months of the year. You want to be proactive and are looking not only for connection and support, but also for strategies and inspiration around your most persistent struggles.

If this sounds like you, Join Dr. Anna in a tailored and empowering mental health program designed for modern women. The virtual groups will take place once per month on Saturday morning from 10-11:00am CST. Pour a cup of coffee and snuggle in, I will bring the group experience to you.

Each online group will follow this flow from start to finish:

  • Guided grounding meditation and visualization to center and calm

  • A presentation and teaching on the theme of the month by Dr. Anna. Knowledge is power. Here you will learn the skills and information her clients report benefiting from most

  • Guided reflection, writing and goal setting

  • Q & A - Dr. Anna will answer your questions in real time

  • Homework assignments and readings to keep you focused, inspired and integrating the material into your actual day-to-day life

Group meetings will be held via Zoom (you can elect to stay anonymous and hidden-hello face mask and double tasking) and are interactive with live questions and sharing. This creates a true feeling of connection and “I’m not alone in this” within the group and our time together, it’s surprising how connected you can feel hundreds of miles apart! If you’d like an example of what a group coaching experience feels like, email me at and I will share with you a similar experience I led to give you a feel for it before you sign up.

Here is what a couple of my past group members had to say:

“Signing up for a group with Dr. Roth felt like a leap of faith. The group experience was new for me as well. After the program I feel a greater sense of self, of who I am and how I can better take care of myself. The support I received from my group has helped me work through this process, get comfortable with the discomfort and celebrate the changes. I would highly recommend this experience for any woman ready for change and support in claiming her self.”

“A group with Dr. Roth is well worth the risk—the risk of showing up, being vulnerable, looking inside yourself, and connecting with others. As a result of this group I am more aware and accepting of who I am, am delighted by my growing capacity for living a conscious life with a focus on self care and compassion. Anna Roth creates a safe space for exploration and dialogue, with lots of support and room for humor. This has been a very life giving experience that I highly recommend to others.”

For just $15 per month you'll get:

  • One hour virtual group coaching experience (typically $40)

  • Tailored and assigned homework challenges, recommended reading and a monthly mantra for in between sessions to keep you focused and moving forward

  • A bonus mini-webinar emailed to you two weeks after the group session to keep you on track and inspired around the monthly theme

    No worries if you miss the group—you will get a video of it emailed to you to watch and download when it works for you. This is a subscription based program that you can try out and cancel at anytime if the vibe isn’t right for you.

    The first 6 webinar dates are listed below and will take place from 10-11:00 am CST.

    Saturday Oct 12th
    Saturday Nov 23rd
    Saturday December 21st
    Saturday January 25th
    Saturday February 29th
    Saturday March 28th

Below are the monthly themes and the two topics we’ll address in that month's session.


October: I am tired of not feeling good enough, ever. I am ready to feel deeply worthy. I want to love and accept myself fully.

  • Self Compassion, Self Acceptance

  • Fostering Self Leadership & An Introduction to Parts work

November: I’d like to be nicer to myself in my head and stop the internal beat down.

  • Befriending the critic

  • Strategies for wrangling in negative self talk

December: Life Detox. I want to make room in my life for what is most life giving. I want my life to feel like it’s in alignment with who I really am.

  • Energy Assessment- what’s giving what’s draining. Making room

  • Following Spark- prioritizing play, purpose and fun

January: I am ready to start listening to myself. For my decisions to be clear and self-honoring.

  • Paradigm Shift- Fostering An Inside Out Orientation to Life

  • Intuition, Feelings & Facts: an internal GPS roadmap

February: I want to respect my own boundaries with time, money, food and other people.

  • Internal Boundaries: keeping promises and holding limits with ourselves

  • External Boundaries: conveying limits, needs and wants with other people

March: I want to be seen and heard. I need strategies for using my voice in ways that work and tools for managing difficult relationships and conversations.

  • Communicating what we want through vulnerability and fear.

  • Communicating what we don’t want. Navigating conflict, challenging conversations, and difficult relationships. I want to learn how to communicate how I feel, what I need, and start asking for what I want in life.