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Dr. Anna Roth is a Holistic Psychologist and Registered Yoga Teacher passionate about integrative and embodied treatment approaches to mental health. She thrives at identifying root causes and providing strategic intervention that is as multidimensional as the humans she helps. Heartfelt and holistic, Dr. Roth’s method folds in the best of psychology, somatics, spirituality, mindfulness, integrative medicine, and yoga to bring about deep and lasting healing.

Her mission is to support, empower, educate and coach those she works with to create an unshakeable foundation of self-acceptance, self-respect, self-love and self-support. She believes in the power of therapy and has seen over and over again people get their lives back and emerge from therapy as a more congruent, vibrant and self-loving version of themselves. She is also passionate about changing the tone around therapy and reducing stigma through contemporary offerings, authentic connection and real conversation.

Anna obtained her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota with a concentration in Healing and Alternative Therapies. She has studied Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Dharmsala India; studied under Dr. Henry Emmons; and has her 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Utilizing her dual and extensive training in both disciplines of professional psychology and yoga teaching, Dr. Roth has been integrating yoga into her research, teaching and clinical work for the past decade. She has designed and facilitated therapeutic yoga group programming in the context of clinical mental health settings since 2008, leading hundreds of psychologically minded yoga classes tailored for specific psychiatric concerns.

Currently, Dr. Roth works in private practice in Uptown Minneapolis. She is currently accepting new clients and offering several new groups and workshops. Learn more about her and her approach in this recent podcast