My approach is heartfelt, multidimensional, strategic and tailored to the complexity that is you. I take an active role. I won’t let you just show up and talk while your life stays the same. I value your resources and your time. I will challenge you. I will ask you to feel hard things, do hard things. Life is too short to settle for good enough, and that goes for your therapy too.

Most talk therapy intervenes from the "neck up"-focusing on thoughts, insight, and awareness. This is important but insufficient to bring about deep healing and lasting change for the whole person. For this reason I focus most “neck down" bringing the wisdom, truth, and felt-sense of the body into therapy. While I am trained and skilled in traditional talk therapy, I use body-incorporating therapeutic interventions such as EMDR and Internal Family Systems most often. I am continuously amazed, inspired, and energized by the results this approach brings.

Oh, and. I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota with a concentration in Healing and Alternative Therapies. I studied Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Dharmsala India; got my 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification; have researched and presented on yoga as a psychological intervention at national and international research conferences, and have studied Complementary and Alternative Medicine extensively. I am a life-time learner, attending trainings regularly about new therapies, voraciously read, and continue to do my own spiritual and personal work. Currently, I offer in person therapy and coaching in Uptown Minneapolis, video therapy for Minnesota residents and personal coaching via video sessions nationally and worldwide.