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Motivational Speaking

It has been my mission to learn everything I can about how we truly, deeply and sustainably heal. It is important to me to bring what I’ve learned to the world with all of my intelligence, energy and passion and participate actively in mental health awareness and advocacy.

We are on the cusp of  revolution. Our generation and those who come after us are breaking the silence of a closeted inner life. Dismantling the stigma. Unmasking the facade. Owning all of our dimensions and opening space for all of us to finally admit. It’s messy. We’ll never have it perfectly together. And that’s not because we are flawed, messed up, or crazy. It’s just humanness. Always has been. What a relief.

 I want to convey and support this message in whatever medium I’m able. Through writing. Speaking. Podcasting. Media. You name it. A compelling motivational speaker and impassioned teacher, I am available to provide expert mental health inspiration, education and empowerment.