Embodying the life we want doesn’t just happen.

We have to make it.



Deep embodied healing. Unburdening. Peeling back layers. Learning to live from the inside-out. In therapy I guide you through a powerful healing journey that transforms.
Individual & Group Therapy

Grief Coaching

Grief recovery does not just come with time, it comes from what you do with time. And let’s face it. We can’t do this grief thing alone.
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Individual COACHING

Accountability. Strategy. Empowerment. Yes you can. Keep going. We don’t settle here. I help humans yes bigger, reach higher and keep momentum.
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A range of e-courses providing expert mental health inspiration, education and empowerment.
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Bite sized mini-lessons on modern mental health topics accessible for all. Join my mailing list for details.
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Corporate Consulting

Allow me to bring a unique and impactful perspective to corporate clients of various kinds who have a problem to solve, a product to present, a brand to elevate or a team to bring together.
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A compelling motivational speaker and impassioned teacher, I am available to provide expert mental health inspiration, education and empowerment through speaking, podcasting, media appearances and writing.


Group and organization workshop tailored just for you to create meaningful, impactful and growth producing offerings.
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