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How Young Widows Club - E-course

The Hot Young Widows Club E-Course is a six-week grief guide created by myself and Nora McInerny for widows and anyone grieving a loved one. It dives into some of the most challenging and important aspects of grief to help you understand not only what is happening to you but what you can do about it.

The course includes:

  • Six tailored and downloadable audio lessons that take you from “Is what I’m feeling normal?” to “How do I move forward?” while you drive, walk, eat, sit and do life.

  • Session handouts, custom worksheets and tailored “homework” for each weekly lesson (totally optional, not mandatory).

  • Community support via the e-course comment function. Engage with other students as we discuss homework, process reactions and support one another on this journey.

  • Downloadable guided meditations and visualizations courtesy of Dr. Anna Roth.

Don’t let the title of this e-course trip you up: The course was inspired by Nora’s experience of being a widow, however, the topics discussed and the tools provided apply to anyone and everyone currently holding the pain of a loss and struggling to move forward. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. Let us talk and walk you through it. You do not need to be a member of our Hot Young Widows Club or a widow in order to take this e-course. Grievers of all types can benefit.

Register today for a first-time introductory rate of $199. Seats are limited. Registration open through December 1, 2019.

Future E-Courses

Dr. Anna Roth - Teachable

I will be offering a range of e-courses providing expert mental health inspiration, education and empowerment. Most of the classes are tailored for modern women, however many topics are general and gender inclusive. In these courses, we take a deeper dive into the topics I am most passionate about and versed in. Here are the upcoming classes:

  • The Perfectionists Guide to Depression: Hacking Your Bloody Mood Once & for All

  • Imposter Syndrome Recovery 101: Enough With Never Good Enough

  • Self Compassion, Boundaries & Assertiveness for Women: More Please