Dr. Anna Roth - Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Before I got my start as a Psychologist, I got a degree in Public Relations, Marketing and English. My first job out of college was in Advertising and I put myself through graduate school via my own freelance marketing business building brands and executing marketing strategies for small to medium size businesses. Upon getting my PhD in psychology, I laid my psychology mind on top of my business mind. These two frameworks allow me to bring a unique and impactful perspective to corporate clients of various kinds who have a problem to solve, a product to present, a brand to elevate or a team to bring together. 

Examples of recent projects were creating a custom day-long workshop to meet the objectives of a medical device national sales team in search of rapport building, burn out alleviation and tools to combat stress and increase performance. Another was working with a large advertising agency to do expert research for a national brand client pitch using psychological research and theory to highlight how to deliver the brand promise- a win for both client and agency. I love this type of work.