Dr. Anna Roth - Workshops


I also offer a range of workshops, from concern specific to custom for corporate clients. Utilizing my dual and extensive training in both disciplines of professional psychology and yoga teaching, I often incorporate a blend of yoga therapy, psychoeducation, and connecting guided group process to provide an impactful and meaningful experience.

Dr. Anna Roth - Yoga


Yoga as a Psychological Intervention was the focus of my doctoral research. I have created and taught a Yoga & Psychology course at the University of Minnesota and presented my research at national and international conferences. I have been integrating yoga into my research, teaching and clinical work for the past decade. Designing and facilitating therapeutic yoga group programming in the context of various health settings since 2008, I have lead hundreds of psychologically minded yoga classes tailored for specific psychiatric concerns. I train and educate yoga teachers and mental health professionals alike on safe, effective and trauma sensitive yoga practice and teaching.