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Life is too short not to feel.
Dr. Anna Roth

This work is not about fixing what’s broken. It is about claiming wholeness, elevating your life, and bringing the full expression of who you are into the world. Regardless of what you were born into, or the tragedies that you have accumulated with time, thriving is possible for you if you choose it. You deserve the life your soul intended for you. It’s not too late. There is never a good time. And yes, you. You can do this.

Dr. Anna Roth

In her practice, Dr. Anna Roth has been guided by a single belief: It’s never too late to reclaim your life. Over and over again, she has seen how healing work transforms the way people experience the world. More than anything, her goal is to help people develop the tools they need to move forward in life with confidence on their own, even long after their appointments are done.

With more than a decade of experience in mental health, both as a holistic psychologist and a yoga teacher, Anna is expert at zooming out to get the full picture of what’s contributing to a person’s mental health. Often in therapy, mental health practitioners focus on the neck up—examining what people think, rather than what they feel. Anna advocates for a wider lens, digging into the cues people get from their mind, body and spirit to reimagine healing from a fresh perspective.


Licensed Psychologist: Minnesota #LP6294

MA, PhD in Counseling Psychology: University of Minnesota | Graduate Concentration: Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices | Doctoral Research: Yoga as a Psychological Intervention | EMDR Level 1 & 2 Trained | Certified Yoga Instructor: Yoga Alliance RYT-500



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Former Clients Say

Anna is absolutely incredible and helped me so much! She is very attentive and has a calm demeanor that makes me feel comfortable and safe. It took me a long time to find a therapist that I could connect with and I feel so grateful that my friend recommended Anna to me.
I was really struggling with anxiety related to a severe phobia and relationship trauma. Anna taught me many new techniques that really helped me including positive visualization and EMDR. Now, when I close my eyes, I feel at peace and calm inside, a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.
I met Dr. Roth at a critical time in my life. My mental state had been on a gradual decline for years and came to a head with a significant breakdown followed by a prolonged bout of acute depression and post-traumatic stress. Through these years, I had received subpar therapy and treatment, which I later realized after only a few session with Dr. Roth. In her, I had finally found what I needed: someone to not only listen and note what was going on in my mind but also my body. Together, we explored various methods of healing, some of which were new to both of us. It’s this kind of determination to treat and heal that’s kept me sane and safe and why I fully endorse Dr. Roth and her practice.
I have struggled with depression and addiction in varying degrees since my late teens. I am now in my 30’s and in the intervening having sought help from several therapists. Dr. Roth is the only therapist that has given me a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my struggles, as well as approaches that have given me a level of control I have never had.
From the first session it was clear that her approach was different. She didn’t just seek to alleviate pain in the moment, but to help me build the tools I need to address my pain for myself. She is not a band-aid solution therapist. Her approach is the only one I have experienced that was as multifaceted as my struggles. In no uncertain terms, she save my life. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who has not found peace through other avenues.
I came to Anna desperate for emotional healing from some very difficult relationships, a 5+ year eating disorder, a lack of confidence, and a whole lot of anxiety. After just 6 sessions with Anna I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Suddenly I had so much more brain space for the things that truly mattered, I am more authentic in my relationships, and I am overall more present.